More about myself


I am a software developer/contractor. I work for a company and also work as an independent consultant/developer. I design and developing custom software and mobile apps as well as provide information technology consulting services. We provide exceptional professional services in strategy, user experience, design, and full-stack engineering to bring brilliant digital ideas into being for forward-thinking businesses around the world.


The comprehensive range of service suite ensures the applications we design and develop set high water marks for efficiency, engagement, and elegance. With substantial experience in the field of software design and development, I understand each business requires a custom developed application and tailor-made solutions to offer to their clients. My dynamic team of skilled experts develops bespoke software from CRM systems to ERP and warehousing solutions, Android-powered barcode scanner applications, postcode, or vehicle registration lookup solutions. We build scalable and futuristic applications that unlock new opportunities for businesses and boost return on investment. 


With cost-effective bespoke software development tools, we design, develop, beta test and deploy your custom software solutions and apps into your business premises on time and most importantly within budget. We create long term relationships with our clients. As your business grows, my team ensures that your custom software solution grows with you. With us on your side, you do not need another software developer, you gain an expert and colleague who will support you for years to come.


Process of Custom Software and App Development


  • Software and application development get better when developers put in hard work and understanding. Here is what our process looks like. 
  • Clear Understanding – The software application developers and designers work with you to understand your requirements and goals. We don't begin until we have a clear understanding.
  • Intuitive Designing – I and my team then go-ahead to create a working prototype of your custom software and application, keeping you engaged the whole time. 
  • Software and App Development – Then my team of software developers build feature-rich applications using the latest technologies and test everything from the functionalities to the design. 
  • Testing and QA – My expert testers and QA specialists take 360-degree tests of your application. We undertake several testing methodologies to test that the product works well. 
  • Maintenance and Support – You can rest assured of continued and proactive support from my developers after the successful deployment of your application. 


For all your software and mobile application development needs, connect with me.


Other than that, my family-owned company also offer a completely different service that is copper hardware products like copper mugs, jugs, laser engraved gift items, and customized giftware. Check out those offerings on Instagram and Twitter. This company was started by family before I came into this world and continues until today.


Apart from this, I like to help others and make a difference. I believe that education brings a change in society and enables a person to live a better life and enhance personality. There are millions of children who are unable to attend school to get a basic education. So, I teach poor children who wish to learn and live with respect as well as provide free online classes to deserving and needy students in my free time. I also encourage others who are trying to lead a productive life and contribute towards society.


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