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I was one of the first people in the world to develop a COVID-19 related app back in March 2020 when corona-virus had just come out. I believe in helping others. So, this app was provided to others free of cost and free of advertisement.

Here are some other Android apps we have designed for your enjoyment and productivity :


  • File Manager – It is a simple, elegant, and easy to navigate file manager and applications manager for your needs. With this app, you can easily locate any file, display, and create hidden files, and has an FTP server to transfer files securely. With the application manager, you can quickly access all installed applications, uninstall, or review them.

  • Sticker Creator – This is the best app that enables you to create custom stickers for WhatsApp. Create your stickers from photos and images on your device and share it with friends and family easily.

  • Notepad – This is a simple app that enables you to take notes on the go, edit them, and save easily.

  • Design News – This app is valuable for mobile developers, enthusiasts, and students alike. It provides design news and inspiration to develop new apps. You can even customize it, do likes, see views, and share it.

  • Stocks – It is simple to use app to get stock quotes using stock symbols. With this app on your device, you can save the stock symbols and review the statistics of your favorite stocks easily.

  • Mobile Security Premium – This ad-free app with built-in antivirus is the best and complete security and protection system for your smartphone/tablet. It has an SMS blocking mechanism for protection against unwanted/spam calls and text messages. The app locking feature enables you to protect your apps and you can even blacklist unwanted apps.

  • Mobile Security – It is our flagship app providing security and protection for your cellphone or tablet. The features include a built-in antivirus, anti-theft mechanism, call and text blocking, app-locking, blacklisting, and a firewall.

  • Messages – This is our unique messaging app that enables the user to send messages, pictures, videos, files, etc. to your friends and never worry about someone else reading or viewing them. This is because all the content you send disappears as per the timer.


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