In loving memory of Bharat Jawa.

Rohit Jawa


I am an engineer and entrepreneur. I work as software developer/supervisor/contractor and design and develop and supervise the development of custom software and apps for companies, and also provide information technology related consulting. I develop both Android and iOS apps and also looking into cross-platform application development. I have interest in robotics and in developing a personal robot that can be purchased and owned by everyone easily. I was born in a developing country. So, I want such devices and machines to be cheaply accessible and available to everyone, including for people from my country. If you have got any ideas/startup that you're successfully working on (e.g. robotics or mobile apps related or another interesting product/service) and are interested in a collaboration with me, please contact me using the Contact Us form provided on this website. I would help you out or even consider collaborating if the idea has some potential.


Other than that, I like to help others, including deserving and needy kids and other people as much as possible. I also encourage and help others who have made mistakes in the past and are trying to lead a better and productive life now. I strongly believe that we are humans and humans make mistakes, can learn and grow from their mistakes, and can grow up to lead a productive life afterwards.


My family owned company designs and manufactures copper hardware, laser-engraved and customized giftware and related items, including custom-made hardware items. For any such requirements for these products, you may contact us as well using the Contact Us form.


To be frank, I have previously been censured for hacking into the US Federal Government's databases and federally protected computer systems when I had just graduated from college. That database and computer system contained sensitive and classified information available only to high-ranking US government officials at that time. Embarassed by this incident where a young person had used their Special Agent's credentials and hacked into the FBI's sytems (my intention was never to embarass or hurt anyone), the American Government initially intended to pursue it under the Espionage Act but later on characterised this as an online fraud scheme to damage my reputation, which they were successfully able to do using their massive financial and human resources at hand. However, what they didn't tell was that it was essentially a matter of experimentation using their computer systems using, among other techniques, the credentials of a Special Agent-in-Charge of the US Government's Office of Inspector General, which is what annoyed them. Such information was never used against the US national interests nor against the national interests of any other country. Some of the information was used to either create or sell eBay accounts, including an eBay account in the name of the Special Agent of OIG Group. In those days, eBay/PayPal used had a duopoly and used to unduly harass sellers and buyers using their egregious rules of the marketplace. Neither that agent nor any other individual suffered any type of loss, and only eBay was the entity that suffered some loss. The funds collected in this scheme were never used for any personal purpose nor benefit by anyone but were fully intended to be used for creating an eBay alternative/marketplace, essentially to create a free marketplace where neither sellers nor buyers would be charged any fees and all the rules of the marketplace would be made democratically by the buyer/seller community, instead of by monopolistic, corporate forces.


That was a youthful mistake but I do not engage in such conduct anymore. Due to that incident, lots of people have started thinking of me as some sort of hacker and have attempted to reach me on several occasions and been repeatedly requesting us to provide hacking services, to hack into government or private databases, to hack into social media accounts or emails of celebrities, reverse engineer protected computer systems, etc. We do not provide any such services, and any such requests that are not deemed legal shall be immediately discarded and may not be responded to. Please note that the above was a mistake and that I am not a hacker. Rather, I am a programmer, engineer and an entrepreneur who  loves to experiment and develop new stuff, techniques, and enterprises to help the people or society.

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